About Ethiopia
Ethiopian culture is perhaps the most gracious in the world.  Ethiopians are warm, inviting, and above all respectful.  From shaking hands to endearing embraces, the people of Ethiopia receive each other warmly.  There is great emphasis placed on formal, but very courteous greetings, to both friends and strangers.
To Ethiopians, sharing food is a hallmark for creating and maintaining good relationships.  According to Ethiopian culture, it is a belief that those who share and eat food from the same plate do not cheat one another and hence it is considered a way of promoting friendship and loyalty.
Many travelers make their way to Ethiopia to experience one of the oldest cultures in the world-dating back over 3,000 years!  With the discovery of 'Lucy' aka 'Dinkenesh' the oldest human ancestor, Ethiopia's history extends back even farther.  It has even been speculated that it is the true site of the Garden of Eden.
So many of Ethiopia's ancient historical traditions have been preserved and travelers can witness and participate in these treasured rituals.
Ethiopia's geographic diversity is unparalleled: it boasts some of the highest points on the African continent, the Simien Mountains (a UNESCO world heritage site) and some of the lowest the hot lunar-like climate of the Danakil depression.  Its largest lake the T'ana is the source of the famous Blue Nile River