Dining at the Blue Nile is an authentic taste of Ethiopia.  Festive artwork decorates the walls, and the glow of painted lights and intricate curtains accent the ambiance with touches of the exotic.  The friendly staff considers your dining experience to be their top priority, treating their customers like royalty.
The dining room features western tables and woven tables called a mesob.  These beautifully decorated tables add authentic texture and color to your meal.  The mesob has a woven cover, that is removed when the food is ready to be served.  Since utensils are not generally used (though they are available on request), a warm towel is offered to clean one's hands before and after enjoying the delicious meal.
An essential part of the meal is the injera (Ethiopian Bread). It is a flat and tangy bread used to eat the assortment of flavorful offerings on the platter.  It is considered a gesture of affection, called gursha, to offer bites to your partner.